2013 • Continuous • 6-Channel HD Video


Mallways presents a series of static, extended takes of shopping mall hallways, each served as continuous high definition video loops across six displays. The barren corridors sit still, in a state of peace that is occasionally ruptured by passers by. “Mallwalkers”, the last of the mall faithful, continuously walk the perimeter of the building, enjoying the benefits of a warm, peaceful, oversized exercise room. Exploring the interior of a range of suburban malls of the Midwest, it reveals a common struggle of these cultural landmarks to find purpose in changing times.

The composure and presentation aim to provoke thoughts of video surveillance and security – features that are oddly still present in these under-occupied buildings. Moreover, Mallways tries to ask viewers to meditate on a familiar landmark of most US towns, and to question the social and economic value of these structures both in the past and present.