2012 • 120 and 4x5 • Archival Pigment Prints


The haunting quality of the rural Midwest is explored again in the photo series Coral Ridge, which presents a view of the new Iowan landscape. Coralville, Iowa is a city that has experienced rapid growth over the past twenty years, with a near two-fold increase in population. With the evolution of a retail strip that that extends for miles from nearby Iowa City until the super-regional shopping mall at the end, housing has also boomed in a parallel strip. Picturesque Iowan farmland has been razed to make way for incongruous, seemingly haphazardly-placed houses as far as the eye can see, along with the obligatory man-made lake, community center, churches, gas stations and golf course. Coral Ridge is a place that offers an evocative reminder of rustic appeal, since lost.